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AIM On Target Tobacco Merchandising
we create cusom solutions out of anything...
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The fact that we end up working
with our clients for so long,
I guess you could say

We value partnerships.

And your success is our success.

But it doesn’t stop there…

We stand behind every program
we develop and maintain
each display we create.


our work keeps 'em coming back
Rozo - Chief Loyalty Officer

Chief Loyalty Officer

Sherwin -Williams
Sherwin Williams

In 1994, VMI created our first custom display for Sherwin-Williams, a unique slide-by stain selector that maximized both color sample presentation and live product shopability.
The following quarter century presented many new challenges as Sherwin-Williams grew from 2000 to 4500+ stores. VMI met each new challenge with the same creative dedication as that first project… and VMI continues to be a trusted problem-solving partner of
Sherwin-Williams to this day.

VMI’s valued partnership has been recognized with many awards, including their Vendor of the Year Award and Humanitarian Award.

R.J. Reynolds
RJ Reynolds
RJ Reynolds

In 1983, Reagan was a first-term President, cell phones were the size of bricks, people could smoke in restaurants… and VMI began creating custom retail solutions for RJR. As market dynamics evolved, so did our approach, but it always featured creative, groundbreaking ideas, including one of the earliest uses of LED lighting at retail. A lot has changed since 1983, but the close partnership between our companies has not.

VMI’s decades of work for RJR has been lauded with countless client awards
and industry accolades.

Maui Jim
Maui Jim

VMI developed one of Maui Jim's first display programs - hand painted cages, playing off the macaw in their logo. Shortly thereafter,
we were told to stop showing up at their corporate office in suits and were handed Hawaiian shirts. Over 20 years later, we are producing their current generation of displays and developing merchandising solutions for their vision of the brand's future.

Maui Jim

The first challenge we received from Nestle was getting over 10" of product in a 9.5" space. We are still running the program. VMI earned the opportunity to develop many other solutions as well, from organizing and increasing sales and awareness for Toll House morsels, to pushing difficult, bagged, packaging for Lean Cuisine meals in a freezer.

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